Tucked under the bountiful canopy of the Sahyadris (more popularly known as, Western Ghats), Dandeli is a quaint town in Uttar Karnataka. Blessed by vast expanses of lush green virgin forests, the edges of the town are caressed playfully by the waters of Kali river. Rarely would travellers find the perfect blend of magnificent mountains, natural forests and breathtaking wildlife, in the laps of a gushing river; Dandeli, is the amalgamation of all of Mother Nature’s elements, served with a side of adventure.



Within 100 kms of Belgaum, is a treasure chest of flora and fauna - the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary. Stretching across an area of 334.52 sq mi., this sanctuary nurtures an ever-evolving ecosystem that is a natural habitat for tigers, black panthers, elephants, crocodiles, hornbills and many more, lined with evergreen and deciduous trees.


Dandeli’s rocky terrain interspersed with untouched forests make it a living and breathing surreal world; shelter to a fascinating array of wildlife. The rainforests of the Western Ghats, also known as one of the largest biodiversity hotspots in the world, serve as a haven for any traveller with a penchant for the wild and unexplored. The wildlife community here ranges from the Bengal Tiger, Indian Leopard, Black Panther, Indian Elephants, Lion Tailed Macaque, Malabar Giant Squirrel to the Great Indian Hornbill, Crested Hawk Eagle, Big Barn Owl, King Cobra, Crocodile; to name a few.


The word ‘Kali’ stands for dark, attributed to the dark colour of the Kali River owing to the manganese rich river bed and flows for over 184 kms before merging with the Arabian Sea. Originating from a small village in Uttar Karnataka, called Diggi, this westward flowing river quenches the thirst for an adrenaline rush by offering a wide range of water based adventure sports, such as white water river rafting, kayaking, canoeing and rappelling. An exciting river journey, the Kali river is a one stop destination for spotting water birds, experiencing water sports and sleeping under the clear night sky by a cosy campfire.


Akin to a freshly painted landscape of green forests and colossal mountains, Dandeli’s natural reserves offer several attractions to a traveller, be it a solo journey or with your loved ones.

Sykes Point
Perched on the highest point in Dandeli, soak in the panoramic view of Kali river meandering its way through the forest.
Supa Dam
Named after Suparulu, the fabled God of Forests; the Supa Dam is situated across the Kali river in the Joida Taluk; boasting of a picturesque backdrop to unwind yourself and listen to the gushing sounds of the water.
Kavala Caves
Made of volcanic origins, the limestone caves were formed years ago; with a naturally formed Shivalinga that attracts devotees from across the country.
Syntheri Rock
Marvel at the monolithic miracle, made of granite and towering for 300 ft; formed due to a volcanic eruption hundreds of years ago.

Sykes Point - Supa Dam - Kaval Caves - Syntheri Rock - Molangi - Shiroli Peak

Sachin Jayasheel Chavadi, Events Specialist

Stay at Whistling Woodzs a multi-coloured experience! Its myriad list of offerings, warm hospitality and list of things to do, make it for a delightful stay experience amidst the lush rain forest  with misty mountains.

Sachin Jayasheel Chavadi

Events Specialist

Kripa Desai, Principal, The Ardee School, Goa

It was a pleasant stay with kids at Whistling Woodzs. The staff is very helpful. The food served is delicious. It’s a good place to indulge in adventure & water sports. I’ve visited the resort a few times, I look forward to trying the zipline on my next visit.

Kripa Desai

Principal, The Ardee School, Goa