Dandeli’s geographical landscape makes it a confluence of rich natural reserves of forest, filled with exquisite flora & fauna, lapped up by the Kali river’s swift flowing white water. With deep cultural roots and vibrant traditions, Whistling Woodzs is the hidden gem for the traveller soul looking for some peace and serenity, as well as some adrenaline rush. Buckle up and prepare for a journey worth cherishing for a long, long time.



Located at a height of 473 meters, Dandeli has bountiful, wild, unexplored nooks, which make it apt for adventure activities to be organized. Surrounded by historic landmarks, Whistling Woodzs offers a diverse range of adventure sports to pick from, including, whitewater rafting, camping, kayaking, jungle trekking & safaris, natural jacuzzi, riverside trail, bike trail and zipline, to name just a few. Be ready to enjoy the most exciting moments in the midst of nature, as you create memories with your loved ones.

River Kali’s pristine and swift flowing water is the main course for white-water river rafting in Dandeli. The stretch extends for 12 kms, over rapids and meanders ideal for an exhilarating experience. Accompanied by licensed and verified rafters at Whistling Woodzs, this is an ecstatic experience for both beginners and professionals, as you feel the full force of the river as well as enjoy the cool water splashes and scenic beauty of Dandeli.

Whistling Woodzs rewards visitors with its distinct “sense of place” and, although rich in tourist attractions of all description, it still remains relatively untouched by tourism. Visitors often remark they come away with a sense of discovery and the feeling of “having been somewhere” rather than just having been on holiday.

Sitting in a flat bottomed, hollow kayak, cruise through the picturesque biodiversity, and explore the flora and fauna of River Kali. Blessed with the perfect flow of water, Kali river is truly the opportune place for all water sports. At Whistling Woodzs, kayaking is one of the most loved sports, set in the natural paradise under the presence of experienced instructors. “To Walk in Nature, is to Witness a Thousand Miracles.” M. Davis



A natural habitat to a multitude of birds and animals, the forests of Dandeli are home to over 300 different species of wildlife. Spot diverse wildlife such as, panthers, tigers, elephants, hornbills and flying squirrels, among many more. Set out on an invigorating private jungle safari organized by Whistling Woodzs and prepare to be mesmerized by the enlivening experience of the depths of the dense forests of Dandeli.

Embark on a thrilling jungle trek, on one of the many hidden trails of Dandeli, enveloped by lush greenery and exotic wildlife. Spot the footprints left by wild animals such as panther, tiger, bison; that reside deep in the dense deciduous forests, led under the watchful eye of experienced guides. Experience the joy of camping within the protected property of Whistling Woodzs; beneath the open night sky spotted with stars, as you enjoy the serenity of the forest that engulfs you.

JOM PARAYEKAR - A birding enthusiast

Jom Chandru Parayekar is a notable birdwatcher and naturalist who has seen over 100 species of birds in Dandeli. He started observing and studying birds in 2003. His passion turned into a profession in 2006 when he started taking small groups on birding tours. He can identify birds by their calls and songs. Apart from birding, Jom is active in nature conservation.