One seeks out adventure so that the soul quenches its thirst for being in communion with nature, its natural abode. Dandeli, with its unique geographical advantage of being bang in the middle of the Kali river basin, enjoys a terrain that is rugged and perfectly suited for water sports in the lap of the Kali river. The Whistling Woodzs Resort is a picture-perfect location for all adventure enthusiasts, for an experience with friends and family. Look at the river, splash in the natural Jacuzzi, meander in the boats and the kayaks, shriek in the rafts as you bump from one rapid to the other, experience adrenaline rush when you get whacked out of a raft, all clad in your life jackets of course and you climb back in glee, to make it to the end point with much reluctance, for you want to experience it all over again.



Huddled amidst the unending mountain ranges of the Western Ghats, Dandeli is a truly blessed town. Long known all over the country for its rich teakwood forests, Dandeli also attracted several big industries in the decades before and after independence owing to its abundant natural resources- the forests, the river and the rich soil. The quaint town is today a favorite tourist destination. People choose Dandeli when they want an authentic experience of being in the lap of nature. Literally. There’s more to do in Dandeli than you would imagine with no dull moment ever. So much so, many times, you will be pressed for time in lapping up these amazing experiences. When in Dandeli, you’re never far away from nature. So what (all) can you do when in Dandeli-

Truly the king of water sports, whitewater rafting is for those who love the thrills of riding the river currents. Whistling Woodzs has on offer extremely high quality sturdy rafts that take care of all your safety needs while you get to enjoy the experience. Our trained licensed and verified rafters take pains to explain you the nuances of rafting- the rowing, the holding on over massive rapids , floating, the importance of a safety life jacket and a sturdy helmet. So when you embark on the journey that can stretch upto 12 kms over undulating terrain and exhilarating rapids, you often will miss a heartbeat and let out that shriek when you cannot contain your joy. There’s no moment of stillness while you’re on the raft so that you soak not just the waters splashing but also the joy. Once your ride begins, the entire stretch can take you over an hour to cover. Don’t forget to click instagram-worthy pictures, shoot amazing videos and enjoy the heady experience. Remember- few people would have experienced whitewater rafting , so you have much to boast about!

Whistling Woodzs provides a unique forest trek at the crack of dawn for its guests. You gorge on sumptuous breakfast and begin your walk with trained and skillful guides who know the terrain like the back of their hands. Begin the forest trek by listening to the squeals and the shrieks of the birds, the arboreal animals like the Malabar Squirrels. Learn to identify the calls of the wild from a distance and decipher what they mean. The guides will usher you across a steady climb as you get to see massive deciduous trees. Teakwood, Arjun, Sal, Peepal, Jamun, Hirda, Behda, Ficus and many more. Be amazed with the story of every tree. Like the Arjun Tree that was felled by miscreants decades ago and which showed resilience to grow back to the original size. The soapnut tree with coiled bark like it’s lounging in the forest. The large teak tree with a hollow trunk that is home to several animals and birds. Look up and you’ll not spot the sunrays for the dense foliage makes a seamless canopy. Kids will find it fascinating to see the large trees and the adults to know the diverse species. Keep climbing and reach the summit of the hills to enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of the forest area. You will also spot the glistening waters of the Supa dam at a distance. Walk downhill slowly and soak in the scents and the sounds of the early morning forest.

Whistling Woodzs offers an amazing experience of Kayaking in the Kali river where the currents are not as fierce as they are elsewhere. A kayak is a small single seater watercraft where one person can row using a double blade paddle. So you actually paddle on both sides alternatively to steer the craft forward. It is akin to a fighter plane’s cockpit. The currents of the Kali are steady and still at some places where you can ride the waters and meander around the small densely forested islands. Equipped with safety gear and after adequate training by our experts, you can ride the waters all alone.

So you’re enjoying your breakfast on the banks of the Kali early in the morning, calmly looking at the pristine waters and suddenly spot a wizard like figure coolly riding his cycle high up in the air. Don’t gawk at the sight, for it’s an exciting water adventure available at Whistling Woodzs. This is something you cannot just miss. Climb up the loft and you will be strapped to a harness as you sit astride a cycle that is fixed to a zipline along the Kali river. Start pedaling with all your safety gear and helmet and you will soon realize it’s so much fun. Feel the rush of adrenaline as you look down at the waters while you keep cycling your way towards the other end.



Whistling Woodzs provides excellent facilities to embark on a private jungle safari accompanied by a n an expert guide who knows every nook and corner of the jungle. Set out from the safe environs of a robust vehicle and enter the deep forests early in the morning. The guides will show you select spots where wildlife can be spotted. Catch glimpses of deer, elephant, panthers, Guar, Bison, Leopards, Foxes, Wolves, Bear, Hornbills, Cormorants and Egrets. If you’re lucky, you may even get a rare glimpse of a tiger. Experience the thrills of being bang in the middle of nature as you hold your breath in response to a shrill cry of a wild animal. Stay calm, you’re in jungle republic!

Embark on a thrilling jungle trek, on one of the many hidden trails of Dandeli, enveloped by lush greenery and exotic wildlife. Spot the footprints left by wild animals such as panther, tiger, bison; that reside deep in the dense deciduous forests, led under the watchful eye of experienced guides. Experience the joy of camping within the protected property of Whistling Woodzs; beneath the open night sky spotted with stars, as you enjoy the serenity of the forest that engulfs you.

JOM PARAYEKAR - A birding enthusiast

You will spot this quiet looking man, moving around with his binoculars once you land at the sprawling Whistling Woodzs Resort. Jom has been a birdwatcher and naturalist who has had a rich experience of over 30 years in Dandeli doing what he loves- birdwatching. He has spotted over 100 species of birds in Dandeli. He started observing and studying birds in 2003. His passion turned into a profession in 2006 when he started taking small groups on birding tours. He shares all his knowledge with excited tourists and avid bird watchers. Carrying a small book on bird watching, he will even urge you to check for yourself from the book, which is always perfect. Meeting Jom is like reading a book on birds. You will never find someone as passionate about the place and the birds as Jom. Click some pics with Jom and do look for him when you come back next time too.