At Whistling Woodzs where our guests live simply; in comfort and close to nature. The Resort’s design is harmonious with its surroundings; the fresh mountain air is cleansing and reduces the need for air conditioning. The unique accommodation and overall concept of “less is more” create a genuine opportunity for guests to immerse themselves into true natural rhythm and environment. Open your eyes from the comfort of your bed to watch and hear the nature in action not the digital alarm clocks. Breathe the unspoiled air from your cottage overlooking scenic forest and river views, making you forget all worries and cares.


Luxurious villas with a spacious front porch and a lush patch of garden; equipped with beautifully designed bathrooms, lounge rooms and modern amenities. Sit outside your cottage, on our garden chairs as you read a book or just take a moment to pause to listen to the sounds of the forest.

Per Person/Night - INR 7000

(Prices are exclusive of Taxes)

Includes all meals (Buffet Breakfast, Buffet Lunch, Evening High Tea, and Buffet Dinner)

Complimentary Activities

Whistling Woodzs is more than a resort or a holiday. The magical environment, which is a reminder that mindful living with nature is possible, even in this modern age. Body and mind were not meant to be apart; sleep comes easy at Whistling Woodzs.