At Whistling Woodzs Resort, you will be in for a pleasant surprise to see the exceptionally well appointed rooms designed for the eclectic traveler. You get to choose from a multitude of options including independent villas, Twin Cottages and Riverside rooms, each brilliantly designed with splendid aesthetics to provide utmost comfort. All rooms have been designed keeping in mind you get to enjoy the rustic nature and easy access to the river. With round the clock housekeeping ensuring impeccable cleanliness and hygienic standards, all our rooms bear a signature of the maverick designers who understand your needs


A hit with honeymooners and couples with kids, the tree-house is the most in demand option on the property. A private villa in the sky overlooking the river providing you with your very own deck. Peek below at the riverfront to get an unobstructed view of the gushing waters at all times. Laden with all the comforts of a villa, this tree house with wide windows allow access to the river-view like nothing else.

Some fairytales can be lived in tree-houses only

INR 14000 + GST

Include all meals ( Buffet Breakfast, Buffet Lunch, Evening High Tea, Buffet Dinner )

Complimentary Activities

Whistling Woodzs is more than a resort or a holiday. The magical environment, which is a reminder that mindful living with nature is possible, even in this modern age. Body and mind were not meant to be apart; sleep comes easy at Whistling Woodzs.